Old School New Body Reviews – Unknown Truth Revealed!

The Old School New Body reviews will take you through a detailed analysis of the popular fitness program. From this Old School New Body review, you will be able to find whether the weight loss program is meant for you or not!

It is said that post-40, one begins to age six months extra for each year, and Old School New Body pdf claims to slow that down through exercise. While aging and related bodily changes are regular, a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating speed it up. In line with this, most people end up losing more muscle than fat as they age. Thereby, they are weaker and feel older than they should be at a particular age.

Old School New Body Reviews- F4X Workout Training System Analyzed!

This Old School New Body review aims to look into their 5 step anti-aging principles that help slow down aging. Why would one want to try this over a supplement or easy cosmetic procedures? Further, we shall also discuss the nuances, downsides, and advantages of Old School New Body. One can make up their mind if this is for everyone or if is it a program too difficult to follow.

Old School New Body Reviews
Product NameOld School New Body
CreatorSteve & Becky Holman
CategoryWeight Loss, Fitness Program
Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website

What is it?

The Old School New Body pdf is a 5-step lifestyle and exercise routine that claims to slow down aging, in the “old school” honest way instead of using any shortcuts. Also known as the Steve and Becky Old School New Body, the 50-year-old Holman couple developed it. Steve Holman was the editor-in-chief for Iron man Magazine for 25+ years, and he has also been deemed a health and nutrition expert with numerous books on weight training under his credit.

Based on Old School New Body reviews, The guide is also co-authored by fitness expert John Rowley who has tried and tested these techniques with his celebrity clients and high-profile fitness enthusiasts. Old School New Body guide also draws research input from over 37 fitness experts and trainers, based on their experience.

Old School New Body’s primary crux is the F4X workout, which is a Focus-4 Exercise that is further differentiated into three types- F4X Lean, F4X Shape, and F4X Build. These routines need to be followed thrice weekly and take about 30 to 60 minutes a day. It is said to include squats, incline press, bent-over rows, and upright rows mostly.

According to Old School New Body creators, these exercises are more effective than a daily dose of cardio and fat-free diets. They also claim that these exercises are beginner-friendly and structured to progress gradually up the difficulty levels.

Features of Old School New Body Program

The Old School New Body pdf download is introduced through an initial five steps of breaking popular fitness myths: fats are bad, cardio helps, aging causes irreversible damage, water doesn’t help in weight loss, and more workout brings more results.

Old School New Body creators claim that F4X workouts are intensive and useful, but it requires motivation from the user. Unlike other programs, they do not promise it to be easy or cause overnight results.

The defining features of the three different types of F4X workouts are:

  • F4X Lean- It is a lifting workout regime for beginners to start with. It requires less than 30 minutes a day, thrice a week. The workouts also use a comfortable weight of dumbbells to focus on major muscle groups.
  • F4X Shape- This set of exercises is further focused on specific muscle groups. Like lean workouts, each movement is repeated ten times, and it includes lifts thrice a week. Besides, they also have barbells and machine lifts to tone the body.
  • F4X Build- This is the advanced stage meant for those familiar with the gym. It helps one build muscle mass using dumbbells, incline presses, and gym machines. There are also intensive lifting and other exercises for a total of one hour period. However, the repeats and rest concept stays the same throughout all three types of workouts.

In addition to these intensive workout routines, the Old School New Body pdf also recommends moderate-intensity cardio on other days to maintain the effects and strengthen knees. In addition to this, Old School New Body also involves the Old School New Body diet plan. Instead of a daily diet plan, they provide useful diet principles such as applying more high-protein in diet and avoiding high, fast-burning glycemic food.

As per the Old School New Body review, these diet principles do not work towards weight loss or looking “slimmer” but help one stay fit. Here are separate guidelines for vegetarians and suggestions on using supplements as well.

How does it work?

The Old School New Body pdf, the principal guide, involves detailed information about the F4X routines and core concepts that one should know before exercising. It is suggested that one thoroughly reads the book before proceeding to take up the exercises. Thereby, they can be motivated and fully aware of the benefits of different activities.

Further, the Quickstart Guide helps on getting on their feet with the exercise routines. It is a short guide with all the exercises explained in step by step fashion. In addition to that, there are also other reference videos from famous health experts to supplement the guide.

Parallel to this, the guide also gives you diet plans and suggestions which help reverse aging from within and promote muscle gain instead of fat accumulation. In this way, one tones down their body to a healthy lean structure instead of unhealthy weight loss.

The bonus guides that come with Old School New Body are also informative in making the program more enjoyable to stick with and follow regularly. However, the Old School New Body program demands continuous self-motivation and consistent personal effort.

Why Old School New Body is Useful?

The significant benefits of the program reported by user reviews, in comparison with other workout and lifestyle guides, are that:

  • It is developed and compiled with input from a wide range of health and fitness specialists, making the information reliable and research-backed.
  • Old School New Body is structured to suit everyone alike, irrespective of their gender, age, familiarity with the gym, and workout routines.
  • Despite being intensive, Old School New Body does not necessarily take up a lot of time from daily routine.
  • Old School New Body program offers workable diet suggestions instead of strict daily diet plans, making it easier to incorporate into an existing lifestyle.
  • The changes brought about by Old School New Body are expected to be lasting.
  • The guide includes resources on managing possible workout injuries like joint and knee pain.

Apart from these benefits, Old School New Body program also offers a set of bonus guides to learn from. This makes the whole set of comprehensive and holistic resources rather than merely focused on slowing aging signs.

Old School New Body Program Bonuses

Apart from the Old School New Body pdf, the additional bonuses involved in the program are:

  • Quick start guide– It is a short 15-page guide that quickly explains the exercises in a step-by-step fashion. It is a more effective way to get started with Old School New Body once you have read all the details.
  • Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets Special Report– It involves tips and recommendations for faster and more effective fat burning in terms of nutrients, techniques, and recipes.
  • Ultimate Health & Happiness Secrets Special report includes tips and recommendations for improving psychological wellness and happiness through diet alterations and healthy habit formation.
  • Ultimate Muscle building secrets special report– The guide focuses more on building muscle mass through daily diet. It suggests minerals, fruits, and other foods that help improve muscle formation.
  • Ultimate Sex and anti-aging secrets special report– It is a guide focused on improving physical appearance, libido, and quality of sexual relationships.

These bonuses make Old School New Body program more comprehensive by improving other aspects of one’s health and lifestyle.

Old School New Body pricing & plans

The Old School New Body hard copy is not currently available since it only comes in eBook format. The regular price for the Old School New Body program inclusive of all its bonuses is $50. However, they now provide a limited period discount, which lets one purchase the whole program at $20. It is a single-time, non-recurrent payment that gives lifetime access to all the resources.

In addition to these benefits, the site also provides a 60-day full refund guarantee. This is for anyone who does not find Old School New Body beneficial.

How can you get hands-on with it?

Old School New Body can only be purchased online from its official website. There may be other websites claiming to sell the same product or similar products with other fake techniques. Therefore, it is wise to stay away from such sites and avoid getting cheated.

Besides this, the additional bonus guides and 60-day full refund policy may not be available for Old School New Body if purchased elsewhere.

Old School New Body Reviews- Final Verdict

Through this Old School New Body real review, we looked at how the Old School New Body program claims to slow down aging through intensive exercise and diet alteration suggestions. The difficulty of the program increases progressively, and the creators agree that it can get challenging. However, with motivation and persistence, users report positive results, and the plan was also developed with several other health experts.

Additionally, they also provide bonus guides touching upon other factors that enhance one’s lifestyle’s overall quality. Therefore, the program is a workable, realistic, and challenging option to reclaim one’s youth back. The official website also provides a 60-day full refund, which assures safety for all payments in case of dissatisfaction.

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