The goal of the Carl T. Curtis Dialysis Clinic is to provide quality health care and treat every patient with respect and compassion. The dialysis treatments consume a large part of the patients’ time and their lives revolve around their treatment schedule. At times, it can be very difficult for the patient to accept and cope with this way of life. Therefore, it is a priority for staff to make our patients as comfortable as possible and provide for the patients’ needs while respecting their privacy and cultural beliefs.

Our medical staff consists of a Medical Director, Dialysis Unit Nurse Manager, three Registered Nurses, and two Patient Care Technicians, one of which is also in charge of water room operations.  Office Manager, and Patient Transportation Driver. Hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,   4 am to 4:30 pm for dialysis treatments. Our office manager is available Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30 pm.


Carl T. Curtis Dialysis also provides services of both a Dietitian and Social Worker.  Our dietitian can assist with recommended changes in patient diets, understanding their lab results as well as other services as needed. Our social worker will help complete and submit applications for medical insurance, and offer understanding of their dialysis.  Family members are also welcome to take advantage of these services to help support/care for the dialysis patient. We believe that being an effective community health center requires being a vital part of the community.

In an effort to improve patient comfort, the dialysis clinic was renovated in July 2014, with new chairs and new dialysis machines. We currently have twelve dialysis stations, each equipped with heated chairs and personal satellite TV and internet access.
We are committed to providing the best possible care through on-going staff training, patient education, respect and support.  To serve our community is a privilege.