Colon Broom Reviews – Key Ingredients Revealed!

I have grown tired of the sponsored and advertorial Colon Broom reviews that I see every day on the web. And with the increase in concern of bloating, constipation, and other gut-related issues, an honest review of the supplement is obligatory. So in this article, I will be reviewing the product in detail. 

The majority of the health issues we face today ultimately boils down to the food we eat and the way it is absorbed. Due to our bad eating habits and other environmental issues, our food gets partially digested and gets stuck to the walls of the colon, blocking the absorption of food into our bloodstream.

Colon Broom Reviews – Does This Psyllium Husk Powder Help You To Improve Digestion?

So a detoxing of the system is mandatory to ensure the proper functioning of the body. This is where the recently launched Colon Broom colon detoxing supplement comes into play.

It has customized plans for every individual making it unique from other detoxing supplements found on the market. So without further ado, let’s begin with this Colon Broom review.

Colon Broom Reviews
Supplement NameColon Broom
Used ForImproved Gut Health And Weight Loss
Main Benefits? Help to control the appetite
? Help relieve constipation
? Improving digestion
? Reducing bloating
? Boosting energy.
? Promotes weight loss
Colon Broom Ingredients? Psyllium Husk Powder
? Calcium
? Sodium
? Potassium
Quality of Ingredients★★★★☆
Features? Vegan
? Non-GMO
? Gluten-Free
? Sugar-Free
Supplement FormSweet easy mix powder
FlavorNatural strawberry flavor
Serving Size1 serving per day for the first 5 days & overtime takes 2 servings each day
Usage? Mix 1 scoop in 250 ml of water
? Mix well and drink up
? Drink an additional glass of water
? Take up to 2 times daily 1 hour before or 30 minutes after your meal
Net Quantity1 bottle 60 servings (30 days)
Caution? Take it with a sufficient amount of water
? If you use any medication make sure you consume
? ColonBroom at least 2 hours before or after medicines
GenderBoth Male & Female
Result ExpectedAfter 24-72 hours
Side EffectsNo major side effects reported
Warning? Not suitable for children below 18 age groups
? Not recommended for pregnant and nursing women
? Not recommended to take it at bedtime
Bonus‘Anti-inflammatory diet guide’
Price$68.99 per bottle
Multipack Available in 1 bottle, 3 bottles, and 6 bottles
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Money-back guarantee14 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Colon Broom? 

Colon Broom is a plant-based dietary supplement that serves as a way to relieve constipation. This strawberry-flavored supplement has the ability to get rid of bloating and aid the body in weight loss. Colon Broom Colon cleanser is intended to bring a daily dose of essential nutrients and soluble fibers to keep the colon clean. As per the website, almost 95 percent of the users noticed more frequent bowel movements.

The website directs you to a quiz in which you enter your age, height, current weight, and your desired weight along with your current bowel movement and other health issues you have. The website customizes a plan specifically for you according to your metabolism, activity level, and your existing health issues.

Sounds interesting? 

Do you want to know more about the Colon Broom formula, its potent ingredients, benefits, side effects, and my final verdict, I suggest you go on reading my Colon Broom review.

Colon Broom Psyllium Husk Powder

How is Colon Broom formulated?

Turn the bottle and you can find that Colon Broom is made using non-GMO vegan ingredients that are gluten-free.

  1. Psyllium Husk powder: Commonly known as a laxative, Psyllium is a fiber found in the husks of the seeds of Plantago ovata, which is native to India. It is used to improve gut and heart health. It aids in weight loss and controls diabetes.
  2. Calcium: Being the most abundant metal in the human body, calcium is the main component in bones and teeth and is essential for their health. As the body does not produce calcium, it is important to get calcium from food sources like dairy products and green leafy vegetables. A deficiency of calcium can result in children not reaching their full potential height and low bone mass or osteoporosis in adults.
  3. Sodium: Sodium is an important metal found in table salt. It can be found in a variety of food sources and its deficiency can lead to low blood pressure, headaches, lethargy, muscle irritability, and dizziness.
  4. Potassium: potassium is a mineral electrolyte found in foods like bananas, kiwi, nuts, whole grains, and lean meat. Potassium is essential in maintaining healthy blood pressure, water balance, nerve impulse, and digestion.
Colon Broom Ingredients

The science behind the Colon Broom Colon Cleanser 

To understand how the Colon Broom gut health supplement works, first, we should understand the science behind all the ingredients and how they play a role in cleansing your colon and providing better gut health.

Psyllium when inside your gut, gets mixed with water in your stomach and relieves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease. It makes bowel movement easier by acting as a cure for constipation. This laxative is also prebiotic, which provides an ideal environment for the growth of gut-friendly bacteria.

Psyllium is soluble in water, making it effective in improving the moisture and texture of the stool. Taking Colon Broom psyllium Husk Powder daily can increase water content in stool and increase the number of bowel movements.

The other Colon Broom ingredients play a supporting role in boosting the results. The perfect blend of calcium, sodium, and potassium is necessary for colon health. 

How does Colon Broom work?

The Colon Broom works by tapping the root cause of constipation. It cleanses the colon and provides a healthier gut. Due to years of wrong eating habits, food gets partially digested and gets stuck to the walls of the intestine preventing food assimilation and proper bowel movement. When you take a serving of Colon Broom colon cleanser, the main Colon Broom ingredient psyllium husk powder binds to partially digested food that passes from the stomach to the intestine.

Colon Broom gut health powder softens the stool and regulates proper bowel movement, preventing gut-related issues like anal fissures. Psyllium husk acts as a food source for gut-friendly bacteria that helps to regulate various functions in the body like immunity and metabolism. Also, the viscous compounds in the Colon Broom ingredients help to control the appetite. 

The supporting Colon Broom ingredients provide many other health benefits. Primarily it boosts the efficacy of the supplement. It also provides a proper balance of water and salt, controlling blood pressure and sugar. Taking Colon Broom Psyllium Husk powder can also be useful in tackling nutrient deficiency by helping you reach the daily value of the nutrients like sodium, potassium, and calcium.

Colon Broom Working

Is there any clinical evidence? 

Yes, there have been numerous clinical validations to estimate the potency and well-being of the Colon Broom colon cleansing formula. The results showed that the Colon Broom Psyllium Husk powder is effective in curing constipation by softening the stool and improving the gut-friendly microbes in the digestive tract. 

Moreover, the supplement is manufactured in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility, ensuring maximum safety of the manufacturing process. 

How to consume Colon Broom Psyllium Husk powder? 

The supplement comes in the form of low-calorie sugar-free powder, with a natural strawberry flavoring. A bottle has a month’s supply of Colon Broom digestive solution drink and every bottle includes a scoop of 5.7 grams, which is one serving. This makes the consumption of the supplement a hassle-free and tasty experience. 

The supplement is made using non-GMO gluten-free vegan ingredients, making the supplement 100 percent natural. As the product does not contain any addictive, Colon Broom drink is a completely legal formula

This 100 percent safe formula has a relatively long shelf life. The bottle has an expiry of two years from the date of manufacturing. 


The bottle recommends taking one scoop or 5.7 grams of Colon Broom daily with water.

Colon Broom Dosage

How long does Colon Broom take to work?

Unlike other colon cleansing supplements with stimulants, the results of this all-natural supplement might take time to show in your body. So it is important to continue supplementing with Colon Broom Psyllium Husk powder for at least two to three months to get the benefits to show in your system. 

Colon Broom Customer Reviews

If you take the supplement consistently by following the recommended dosage, the results will last in your system for almost 2 years.

Pros and cons of Colon Broom Formula

While progressing my Colon Broom review, I came across certain things I liked and disliked about the supplement.  In this section, I will elaborate on them.

What did I like about Colon Broom powder?

  • The supplement comes with a refreshing strawberry flavoring 
  • This powder is made using gluten-free premium quality ingredients
  • The supplement costs $0.42 per serving, making it way cheaper than other colon detoxing supplements on the market. 
  • Regular supplementation with Colon Broom can bring some additional benefits like improved weight loss and increased energy  
  • The firm is offering a 14-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.  
  • The website provides a customized plan for every individual based on their health conditions.

What I disliked about Colon Broom drink?

The Colon Broom is only available online. We cannot buy the supplement offline. 

  • The supplement might not be suitable for carrying and nursing women. So they should avoid taking Colon Broom.  
Colon Broom Benefits

Should you buy this Colon Broom?

If you want a solution for constipation without using expensive alternative methods, Colon BroomPsyllium Husk powder might be the right choice for you. The supplement consists of a blend of non-GMO ingredients and essential nutrients that does their job in providing a healthier gut, promoting good microbes, and relieving constipation.

As per the Colon Broom reviews, Customers who tried the product stated no potential risks of using Colon Broom. The supplement also provides additional benefits while providing the daily value of some of the essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. Plus the supplement is way cheaper than its counterpart. Hence, it would be an ideal supplement for people who have tried many detoxing supplements that had gone in vain.

Colon Broom Reviews from real customers

Patrick Lynch: 

“I have been munching on foods with almost zero nutritional elements. I knew it was bad but did not expect that I would not be able to go to the toilet for 3 whole days. I felt heavier by the day. In an effort to bring a change, I got my hands on the Colon Broom formula. It was truly astonishing. After 2 weeks I felt a lot lighter and I was able to get back to my normal life. The would recommend this supplement to everyone looking to get rid of constipation”

Michelle Williams:

“I just had the most horrible days of my life. Not being able to go to the toilet and having a sensation of something blocking your bowel movement is really uncomfortable. I was too bloated to even eat my meals. My personal trainer ordered Colon Broom Psyllium Husk powder. At first, I was skeptical about taking something to help me poop. After 3 months, people might not believe, I lost almost 10 pounds just from colon cleansing. Just imagine the amount of waste stuck in my body”

Ted Kinsley: 

“One thing that I love about the product is how affordable it is. Apart from this, I did not experience any awe-inspiring changes. I did find myself lighter and less bloated, but I do not find it an ultimate solution to gut-related issues. For that, we need to follow certain changes in our lifestyle.”

Colon Broom Customer Reviews

How much does Colon Broom cost?

Now let’s check the pricing and availability of the Colon Broom non-GMO supplement.

  •         One bottle: A month’s supply of the supplement for $54.99 
  •         Three bottles: A three months supply of the supplement; $35.99 for a bottle
  •         Six bottles: A six months supply of the supplement; $27.99 for a bottle

You can get these packages as a one-time package or by subscription. Subscribing allows the company to send you new bottles every time you finish your current bottles. It will also save you a significant amount of money.

Due to the rising demand for the Colon Broom, replicas of the supplement are to be found on various eCommerce websites. These replicas might cause serious side effects to your body. 

So it would be a smart choice to purchase the supplement via official their website to ensure safety and to avail of the best discounts.

Colon Broom Bonus 

When you purchase Colon Broom from the official website, you will also receive a free eBook called ‘Anti-inflammatory diet guide’.

This book contains diet plans and meal guides that can help the user to lead a healthy life devoid of inflammations.

I see this as a great deal, as it can help the customers to learn about how to improve their overall well-being

Colon Broom Bonus

Colon Broom Shipping and money-back policy

The firm offers fast and free shipping for all orders. 

The firm prioritizes the satisfaction of the customers, that is why they provide a 14-day money-back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the results, the company will provide you with a full refund. 

Final Verdict on Colon Broom Reviews

According to my extensive research and analysis of Colon Broom reviews, this is a Colon Broom Psyllium Husk powder is a legitimate dietary supplement containing well-researched ingredients to help relieve constipation. The product contains psyllium a fiber that helps to deal with constipation or irregular bowel movements. The product also provides additional benefits like improving digestion, reducing bloating, and boosting energy.

As this Colon Broom Strawberry flavored powder is devoid of artificial ingredients, there is no need to worry about the safety of the supplement.  By looking at the  Colon Broom reviews, I can say that the majority of them were really happy with the supplement. Moreover, the facility where colon Broom is manufactured is certified by FDA and GMP. 

In conclusion, the 14-day money-back guarantee makes Colon Broom energy booster a risk-free investment. Considering all these from this Colon Broom review, I can say that the Colon Broom supplement is a supplement that is worth all your hard-earned money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there any chance of getting any adverse effects?

No. As the powder is made of all-natural ingredients there is no chance of getting any adverse effects.  

Q. Do I need to have a doctor’s prescription in order to buy the supplement?

No. usually you would not require a doctor’s prescription to purchase the product. But if you are suffering from any sort of health issues, consult a doctor prior to taking the supplement. 

Q. Is there any shipping charge included?

No. The firm will be providing free shipping on all their orders. 

Q. Would there be a money-back policy for the customers who did not get the desired results? 

Yes. For unhappy customers, the website is offering a money-back policy of 14 days. 

Q. How long will it take for visible results to appear?

The majority of the customers have said to get the desired outcomes from the 2nd or 3rd month of supplementing with Colon Broom.

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